Vegan Handmade Skincare & Massage Candles

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Amber Drops is all about conscious behaviors being channeled into fun every day self-care routines.

It’s about being mindful towards the environment and respect all living creatures with our lifestyle, while prioritizing personal wellness and me-time quality.

Amber Drops products are freshly handmade of vegan ingredients, carefully selected to be cruelty-free and mostly natural and organic.

The vessels are reusable. The moulds are from reused plastic or cardboard. Minimum to zero packaging. Stickers from recycled materials. No excessive labeling, to minimize environmental footprint. Just the necessary stuff.

Beauty lies in the essence of things!

How it all begun:

When I took a step back from a hectic every day life, due to a forced homestay, I started to playfully experiment with clay body masks, natural soaps and bio flower waters in techniques I’d learned many years ago.

By evolving them, I realized it was time to ditch harsh chemicals and all that plastic from the household. That being said, I made my first natural deodorant, scented with a few drops of my favourite amber essential oil.

One thing led to another, the team grew and we created a whole collection of vegan handmade skincare products & massage candles in alignment with our core values towards sustainability, love of nature and personal well-being.

Remember: you can always make conscious choices in your skin-loving fun routine!